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Models Needed!

I have enrolled in another set of challenges from Unleashed Education!

I have previously completed the first two challenges, Embark and Emerge and this is the third and final challenge EMPOWER!

Empower runs from March to the end of August, there are 13 epic challenges this time to really get me thinking creatively, experimenting with new ideas and improving my craft.


Ideally I will be using quite well trained dogs for these challenges, having solid training means I can concentrate on being creative and not worry about spending extra time wrangling doggos hehe, potentially confident Cats and Horses would work for a few of these challenges too, so please enter them in case!


The Challenges


So exciting looking at all of these, some make me nervous too!!

How does it work?

I have made an application form for you to fill out below, if there's anything extra your pet can do add it into the notes section!

I will go through the applications and choose the pets that I think are most suitable to the challenges, from there I will email you and we will discuss a location and a date to suit us both!

I then choose an image from our shoot that I think meets the brief and I submit that to Charlotte and Craig at Unleashed Education, they then provide me with feedback and wether I made the top 10 best images!

This means your pet will feature on their social media and website for all to see.

There is around 50 other photographers doing these challenges as well as me, so it is a tough competition but it's more about learning and getting feedback to help me grow as an artist.

As a thank you for giving up your time, you will receive the image I choose to enter as a complimentary digital download and in a mini metal art print with stand! 

You also have the choice to upgrade to a mini session or a full session!

Mini Session

I will capture a small selection of gorgeous memories for you, you will get 5 digital downloads plus the extra challenge image and the mini metal print! 

All for $300

Full Session

We meet a bit earlier so that I can capture my usual amount of images (usually around 30+) so that you can go through them and select your absolute favourites! 

Included is 10 digital downloads and $300 print credit to either put toward extra digitals of a piece of artwork like a canvas or an album!

Plus you get the extra complimentary challenge image and the mini metal print.

All for $850

Note: You don't have to upgrade, it's just something I am offering. If you choose to upgrade, the full payment needs to be made before the session. 

Dog Model Application
Tell me your pets qualifications!
Which challenges spark your interest?!
Optional upgrades
Upload Image
Upload Image

Thank you for filling this out!

Please check your spam emails for a confirmation in the next few minutes!


Here's Tucker for the 'Get Down' challenge, I had to get low!

I got in the top 20 for this one, thanks Tucker!!


Here's Luna for the 'Dogscapes' challenge, I had to photograph a dog in a landscape!

I got in the top 10 for this one, thanks Luna!!

Rebecca Kostka.jpg

This was my final set for the EMEGE challenges, I rushed this challenge and wasn't happy with a lot of my images but I guess that's a learning curve!


Here's Doug in full flight for 'Front Runner' we got top 20 for this one, I love it so much! Thanks Doug!


Here's Toby for the 'Colourific' challenge, I had to incorporate colour into an image!

I got in the top 20 for this one, thanks Toby!!

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