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German Shepherd
Rescue Tasmania
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Shy Wolf Photography has been selected as the official 2023 photographer for  Tails of the World: LAUNCESTON.

These photoshoots will take place in the heart of Launceston, capturing our beautiful and dog friendly City!!


100% of these session fees are donated to German Shepherd rescue Tasmania and one photo from each session is guaranteed to be included in the book.

All proceeds from the book sales are donated to Second Chance Animal Rescue, Inc.

Dogs are currently being photographed for this project!

In 2022, professional pet photographers around the world united to raise over $50,000 for animal rescue by publishing Tails of the World.

This year, we're on a mission to go BIGGER

With twice as many photographers involved, we’re hoping to hit our goal of raising $100,000 for charity.

But we need your help!

There is another book opportunity coming up so if you missed out on this one check back soon 🐾

My Chuck in Launceston City

About the Charities


All session fees for this project are donated to german Shepherd Rescue Tasmania.

This local not-for-profit organisation is breed specific as they have so much knowledge on German Shepherds and it is well known these dogs do not cope well in a shelter environment.

Their motto is 'Rescue dogs, rescue people' and their aim is to save even more Shepherds and educate the public to the perils of buying a pup from a back yard breeder or puppy farm. 


German Shepherd Rescue Tasmania


All book sale proceeds are donated to Second Chance Animal Rescue.

This Australian based not-for-profit organisation has a network of hundreds of foster carers and volunteers. Over the years, they have rescued and rehabilitated well over 10,000 pets due to be euthanised at pounds and shelters.

Their mission is to offer these animals a Second Chance at finding their forever homes. 



Founded by Caitlin J. McColl in 2015, the Tails of the World Collective is an international group of professional pet photographers.

United in their mission to make a difference for pets in need and celebrate our universal love of dogs.

To date, we have published over 40 books from all around the globe and raised over $37,000 for animal charities.

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