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My family and me ♥

Me with our rescue dogs Chuck and Libby

5 fun facts about me that are nothing to do with pets lol!

I was a waitress for 15 years! I worked in country house hotels in south Devon, my home county in the UK - all very posh, unlike me haha!

I am 50/50 German/English! My dad is from Dusseldorf and my mum from Essex.

I am a big wine lover - Love a tasty Cab Sav, Oaky Chardonnay, Tassie pinots and a Sauvignon blanc with gooseberry yumminess!

The Godfather port is also a treat ;)

I adore home cooking - I make the best fish stew with a smokey, chilli and tomato base - drooling just thinking about it haha.

Fred and I travelled Australia for 2 years in a camper van we named Geoff. It was the time of our lives and we got married at the end of it on a beach in Hervey Bay. 

Fun fact: If your relationship can survive a small camper van for 2 years, you are probably going to have a good marriage ;) We have been married for 10 years now - not sure how he's put up with me!

I am originally from Devon in the UK, I married a Tassie boy and have lived here for around 9 years now!

We are based in Launceston, my husband Fred works for ABC Australia, and we live with our 5 furkids!

(2 Dogs, 1 Cat and 1 Rabbit and now 1 Horse)!

I have always been crazy about Animals, it all started with a German Shepherd my parents rescued when I was a teenager 'Mollydog' was the most gorgeous soul I had ever met and became my best friend.

Unfortunately, myself and my family had to go through the heart break of her passing a few years ago. Molly watches over us from a big canvas in the lounge room, photos are so important to me.


My furkids are my world so I know how important they are to you, I also know that they take a piece of your heart with them when they leave, so I am here to provide you with beautiful images that you can cherish forever. I am experienced with animals, all sorts of animals, my main aim is for your pets to be happy so we will not force them to pose for a photo - it's not about that, it is about capturing your pet enjoying life and celebrating that happy, gorgeous personality that you love!

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, you may also find some answers to your questions by clicking on the button below.

I look forward to meeting you and creating something special.

Rebecca ❤

Our fam bam - Photo by Astrid Simone
My Molly - Always in my heart 

The Furkids

Bunnies (1 of 3).jpg

Holly - 9

Our first bunny, our neighbour passed her over the fence at 8 weeks and I am besotted with her! 

Our beautiful, sassy Queen ❤

I can't bring myself to take her off my page but she passed away recently. RIP my beauty xx

Sylvester 6_.jpg

Sylvester - 5

CEO and official trouble maker

Sleeps 23/7, torments the dogs the other hour ;)

He was found in the bush, at 270grams, his brother dead next to him. I bottle fed him and somehow he survived. Our little fighter ❤


Chuck - 9

We adopted him from the RSPCA at 18 months, he'd been there for 6 of those :(

He's my everything, my heart dog ❤

Dna results: Springer Spaniel, B.collie, Cattle dog & Kelpie - all the crazies!


Dandelion- 7

A failed foster. I couldn't re-home this wild one so she's stuck with me lol! I'm just her feeder, she hates everyone HAHA, she's very beautiful but I just let her be her own bunny ❤

Libby snow (1 of 1).jpg

Libby - 7

Our gorgeous, unco, food obsessed rescue girl! She always wants to please us, gives the best cuddles and is the best mum to kittens I foster! ❤

Dna results: German Shepherd, Staffy and Bull Terrier! 


Daicos- 18

My first horse, a dream of mine form a little girl.

He's a beautiful TB who has been there and done that and teaching me. 

We are currently working each other out but I am very much in love with him and I think he knows it ❤

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