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  Wild Wolf Adventures 

Premium dog walking and pet services in and around Launceston.

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It's been a long time coming!

Most of you already know me but a quick hello to those who don't - My name is Rebecca and I am now insured and offering dog walking and other pet services in and around Launceston!

I promise to love your pet like my own and give you peace of mind when at work or on holiday!

I myself have struggled leaving my menagerie in the hands of ANYONE! I have even struggled putting them into boarding where I know they are safe. 

All pets have different needs and all owners need to feel happy that their pets are in good hands when they are not there - I can certainly help with that!

me chuck and libby.jpg

This is me with my two shelter dogs!

They are both CRAY CRAY! My absolute world, unfortunately my boy Chuck has been attacked multiple times and is now reactive, well it has turned into them both having issues. So I just want to say, if anything I am an over worrier - I am always looking out for rogue dogs, potential issues, anything that could set a dog off. I like to keep things positive and distract the dog on my leash with food or a favourite toy and if your dog needs a bit of help in a certain area, it's definitely something I can do on our walks. 

How I can help you and your pets

Small Terrier

Dog Walking

Going for a Drive_edited.png

Pet Transport

Two British Kittens

Pet Feeding / health Checks

Chihuahua Bath

Doggy Spa's!

Dog walking weekdays 10am, 1pm, 3pm 
photo / video updates
No dog is let off leash unless we have spoken
about it and i am confident in their recall

Your pets safety is my number 1 priority


If you could fill out the form so that I have your details to enter into my brand new booking app that would be amazing - once I have you in the app you will have your very own portal where you can upload your pet photos and all of their information for me!

I look forward to working with you and your pet/s - Rebecca 

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