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Closes 9am Sat 11/02

Circle Print - styled.jpg

I have a very special offer for you thanks to some behind the scenes team members!! 

Have you been waiting for me to hold a special offer? Wanting a big piece of wall art of your fur babies?!

Now is the time to book in because when you book a

GRAY WOLF session...

You get a 20" round artwork, this can come in metal or wood and it's valued at $825!!! WOAH!

What's the catch?? I think this is a good catch, but let's see.... you have to book your session in for May or June 2023!!!

Can you make those months?!!

If so... click below and I will get you locked in... even if you book a tentative date, close to the time we can reschedule if you have a roster to work around, I am so easy going seriously ;) xx

I look forward to creating this artwork with you, something I wish I had done years ago with my Molly, our pets should be on our walls and celebrated before it's too late xx



Click the Gray Wolf and pick a date in May or June, I will send you a location guide !!

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