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Here's why you and your dog should visit Tullah, on the West Coast of Tasmania!

Mount Farrell, Tasmania. Dog friendly hike / walk. West coast Tasmania, Tullah, Rosebery. Shy Wolf Photography. Tasmanian Pet Photographer.
My Chuck, my poser, my love ❤ 📍Mount Farrell

A lot of my followers know already, because I have been going on and on about it, but for those that don't... I am in the middle of creating my second fundraising book; 'Border Collies of Tasmania'.

I am photographing Border Collies and their families all over Tasmania and creating a coffee table book with funds raised, going to Tasmanian charity; Border Collie rescue, re-home and sanctuary.

Well.... when a lady called Em reached out and told me she was located in a little place called Tullah on the west coast of Tassie and she had two dogs from the rescue and wanted them to be in the book, I just knew I had to go there!

Em had told me that Mount Farrell was close by and also a few lakes.

I had a little look online, and found myself an air bnb that was dog friendly, I really had no idea what to expect.

I packed myself and Chuck into the car and off we went!

Travelling with your dog to Tullah, West Coast Tasmania
Chuck loves hopping in the front when we stop for a break!

We did the trip in just under three hours, stopping for doggie breaks and photos of course!

As instructed by my host, Stuart who also owns Tullah Cottage Cafe, I parked in front of the cafe and he came out to meet us and hand over the key.

He was lovely, welcoming and gave me all the information I needed, including places to have dinner!

Chuck and I drove over to the cottage, just on the other-side of the road and let ourselves in.

What a delight, this cute cottage was so much more than we expected!

I stepped onto the little verandah with a table and chairs, entered into the kitchen/lounge room and then ventured upstairs to the bedroom and en-suite, the bedroom also had a lovely little balcony where Mount Farrell is visible!

The first night we drove to Rosebery to have a look around and got some supplies, we chilled in the cottage and watched a movie and prepared our things for an early start.

The bed was so comfortable, it was hard to get up!

We left the cottage around six thirty in the morning and started our ascent.

The walk started just over the road from the cottage, we walked through woodland at first and as we got around halfway up, the morning light streamed through the trees, directing us to the open land ahead and illuminating Chucks breath in the cool air.

That was quite stunning and I felt quite emotional experiencing that with my boy. I am sure he felt the same haha!

Dog friendly hike, dog friendly walk. Tasmania. Mount farrell, Tullah. West Coast Tasmania. Shy Wolf Photography. Tasmanian pet photographer.
Chuck in the morning light. 📍Mount Farrell

Then the land opened up, the sun was in my eyes and the warmth was lovely. I was slightly nervous as the sun prevented me from seeing the ground clearly and I was looking out for snakes. I think we are lucky we didn't come across any as others have, it's definitely something to be prepared for.

Here's some phone images of our trek and what we saw before we reached that epic view:

The next part was very rocky and involved some big step ups for me, Chuck was not phased at all and actually helped me up in a few places!

We made it to the top in two hours, walking at a pretty slow pace.

I know you are here for photos, so here you go!

The first three are from my camera, the rest are my iPhone.

There is much more to this walk than we did, you can continue further than this point to the Summit and you can also veer off and go to Lake Herbert.

I plan to return with my husband and both of our dogs soon, I must do it!!

We really enjoyed this stunning view but both of us were pretty worn out and knew we had rocks to climb down and a big walk back, it was also warming up so we headed back.

The whole walk took us around five hours but we did spend a lot of time enjoying the view and taking photos and when I say we walked slow, it was very slow haha, I am so unfit.

We got back to the Cottage and both fell asleep, exhausted.


That evening, we went to Tullah Lakeside Lodge for dinner, I went in to check they allowed dogs in the beer garden and they were happy as long as he was on a lead, yey!

I tied Chuck up to the table and went in to order myself a pint and some grub, he had a few fans that wanted cuddles and I was so proud of how he behaved the whole time.

Tullah Lakeside Lodge beer garden, dog friendly pub and hotel, Tullah, Tasmania
Chuck in the Beer garden, overlooking lake Rosebery

I absolutely loved this place, everyone was so friendly, the food was yum, the beer was good and the location was wow. From the garden you can walk around the lake and there is a mini 'beach' were the dogs can swim.


I had my sunrise photo session to complete the next morning, with two Collie's at this very lake, so we got an early night!

After that amazing photo session, we got some brekkie at the cafe.

Chuck was welcome outside, but on lead as they have a resident Alpaca, Clarence!!! Gosh he was amazing!

I really don't know what Chuck thought of him hahaha.

Before we left, we visited Mackintosh Dam.

Chuck enjoyed a paddle and I of course got him to pose again

Chuck also had a play in Lake Rosebery which had some stunning reflections!

So, to sum it all up, Tullah should be on everyones 'To visit' list when tripping around Tassie with their dog. We only stayed for two nights and can't wait to head back.

For a small place, it sure has a a big heart and something for everyone.

I hope you don't mind my long post, I just had so much to show you

If you are interested in a photo session with your pet, you can fill out my enquiry form here.

Thanks for reading, Bec.

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Johnny John-John
Johnny John-John

May I ask what month did you go? Thanks

Rebecca Kostka
Rebecca Kostka

Oh that is so good to hear! It really is a hidden gem, I hope you love it as I did!!


Louise Fairfax
Louise Fairfax

Thanks. Great blog. Tessa and I now know we can have a great time in Tullah. There are so very many places she is locked out of. Loved the photos too!

Rebecca Kostka
Rebecca Kostka

Thank you so much! Took me this long to figure out how to reply to you 🤣🤣 I hope you go and enjoy it with your Tessa. I can’t wait to go back 💜

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