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Location Guide

I have a few favourite spots, mainly around Launceston as that is where I am based but have found some lovely spots further away too!

Have a look through the galleries below, and hopefully this page can help you decide what sort of setting you would prefer.

I am happy to photograph in your garden if your pet is most comfortable there, you may also have a

favourite location you would like to tell me about.


Most of the images you see, the pets are actually on a leash, I have the skills to remove this in photoshop. Safety first, as not all pets have good recall!


Trevallyn Rec Area

Hollybank Forest

blossom - Spring


Entally House

Lavender - Dec/Jan

Tulips - Oct


Great Lake - Snow

Tessellated Pavement - Hobart

Mt Farell Hike- Tullah

Richmond Bridge - Hobart


Summerhill cub session location 

Christmas Tree Farm - Nov

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