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Pets in the Lavender 

Odin sneak peek.jpg

I am now taking bookings! 

Located at Nabowla, Bridestowe Lavender Farm makes for wonderful, colourful photos, come rain or shine!

This is my 6th year doing Lavender photos and I am very excited each time to see what I can create. No day is the same!

I have out of hours access, as do other photographers, I do attempt to book sessions when nobody else is there so that I can take reactive dogs however..

If we do have company up there, the fields are huge so we can set ourselves up far away from any distractions!

Please fill in the form if you are unsure and have questions otherwise click on the button to book yourself straight in!

I will be in touch within 48 hours

Thanks - Rebecca 


Expression of interest form

Some of my Lavender work

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