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How to prepare for your photo session

What I suggest to bring


For the car: 


  • Plastic bags

  • A towel or hand-wipes for yourself Dog towels (it can get muddy)

  • Spare shoes



For the paddock: 


  • A bag you don't mind getting dirty to hold all the things! 

  • Your pets favourite toy/treat 

  • If dog is on a harness, bring collar

  • Water and bowl for pet, water for yourself!

  • Umbrella - If it pours I should have a couple in my car and we park quite close to the paddock which means we can sit in the car for 5 if it does pour - it usually blows over quickly up there! 


Prepare your pet:


  • For dogs, absolutely give them a run before the session if you want some energy gone BUT we don't want them so worn out that their tongues are hanging out in every image (although some dogs have their tongues out anyway haha)  Also energy is good, you want an alert and bouncy doggo!

  • Dogs that walk on harnesses:  I really would love you to have a collar as well for when we stop and set up the shots because editing harnesses out is not always doable. Think about your collar, mostly I can edit collars out in photoshop but in case I cannot - if it's ripped and daggy it won't look great in the image! A nice clean collar would be great. I likely have a spare if you can' get one :)

  • Cats, you probably know your cat and how they travel but I always suggest having them in a cat carrier with a blanket over it so they are in the dark and less stressed. Having their harness on in the crate is best, then you can easily attach the leash when you arrive and not risk them running off! 

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