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What happens during the photo shoot

I usually say hello to your pet and make sure they are comfortable with me and my camera, if they don't want interaction that is absolutely fine and we just figure out how we will work best with each other! I usually win them over pretty quickly, I've had only one little doggo that wanted nothing to do with me and he was highly anxious and I nearly cried haha.


Please don't worry about a thing, I do this every year and work with all sorts of animals, temperaments, anxious and high energy pets. We just figure out what makes them comfortable and have fun!


Please note: We are on a working farm here, usually at the times I shoot we don't see a soul but occasionally there will be a tractor or workers and we may have to pause if they need us out of the way. 


Pets are to be on leash unless I am confident we can let them off - only usually extremely trained dogs get to be off as we cannot have pets running across the paddock. We will discuss this on the day! 


This is farming land and these Tulips are the owners livelihood so I protect them as best I can, that being said, please don't panic, we always break a few by mistake, we are working with animals here. 


We will have a look at the flowers available on the day and you can choose your favourite colours - have a think about your home and what colours work in your home and we can likely find the perfect Tulip colours for you and depending on your pets colour, most look good in any Tulips but some really pop against certain colours!


I will always ask you if it's okay before using any of my own treats.

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