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Payment Options

I have several payment methods available


This is not an everyday expense so I understand that most people need to spread this cost out!


Payment options once you have ordered are as follows: 


Private payment plan - I do request a 20% deposit for this, that way I start editing your images straight away! You just set up a transfer to my business bank details, weekly, monthly, whatever works for you to have it paid within 6 months. Please note there is a $50 admin fee on this as I have to check the payments off and send a receipt each time to keep track.


Afterpay - Afterpay send me the full amount straight away which means I can crack on with your order. 


Full bank transfer. I'd love an email or message to let me know once it is sent as I don't check my transactions daily and don't want to miss your payment.


Any products you choose are ordered/delivered once payment is complete.

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