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What to wear

If you are set on NOT being in any images - wear anything you like lol - something you don't mind getting muddy and some gum boots. 


If you are going to be in images (which I highly recommend as I don't share any people images unless I have your permission but it's the best keepsake for you), I suggest the following... 


Don't wear anything with massive branding or logos, it takes away from the image.


Nothing fluro! 

Denim and neutral/pastel colours work really well. As well as black and white, white if you dare!! 

If you have a pet that jumps up on you a lot, darker trousers are best because I guarantee, two seconds in the paddock and you will be brown. 


A fun pair of gumboots makes for a great image or just plain black ones. 


If you want to dress up - go for it, this is something special and a flowing dress steps that portrait up a notch. I have some client dresses here - if you'd like to see them please let me know and I can send through some images!


Some people have gone bare foot also!


We do also have time for you to change if you just want to pop a dress on for a couple of images!

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