Breed of the month competition!








Each month I will be choosing a different breed and posting the links on my social media pages sometimes I will shout out for a mixed breed, sometimes a horse or a cat and so on, as I don't want anyone missing out!

How does it work?

See your pet's breed pop up and simply sign them up for a chance to win!
You could win a free photo session, anywhere in the state including your other pets and also family photos.

Why am I doing this?

I think it's a great way to see such a variety of breeds, to celebrate different breeds and to have a bit of fun! 



If you have this breed, be sure to sign them up below to win a free session and be featured!! 

Bonus points if you head to my Facebook page and post a photo of them in this month's breed post comments, also giving it a share would be extra extra points!

P.S If you know someone with this breed, please let them know.
You have until 7pm on the last day of the month to sign up.

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